Monday, 31 May 2010

Guitar Pedal Reviews - Korg DT-10 Tuner

The Korg DT-10 is a guitar tuner pedal.

It's silver, made from sturdy lightweight aluminium and very easy to read with an LED display in a square unit - 4.09" (W) x 4.69" (D) x 2.01" (H) 104 (W) x 119 (D) x 51 (H) mm. The note is clearly displayed on a large red LED with the fine tuning done with 16 increments to enable accuracy. The pedal can also be calibrated and tuning adjusted for drop tuning and slightly 'off-regular-tune' tuning, for example if you say had to play to an old piano that was slightly detuned and other situations.

From Korg's own description:

The Korg DT10 features an LED-type meter for rapid response and accurate detection, guaranteeing stable tuning. The 16-segment note display provides excellent visibility even on a dark stage, and the rugged body is designed for years of tough use. The DT-10 Digital Pedal Tuner provides two output jacks, a bypass jack that always outputs the input signal and a separate output jack that can be muted while tuning between songs.

Although not true bypass, it's absolutely silent in operation. I use it connected to the bypass mode and click it in when needed. I've even heard people put the DT-10 at the front of their pedal chain, using the pedal's buffer to 'push' the signal through the pedal chain.

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