Monday, 31 May 2010

Guitar Pedal Reviews - Marshall Regenerator RG1, my review from Harmony Central

Marshall Regenerator RG-1

Sound Quality:

Sound quality is great. I have no tone suck at all, with this pedal sitting near the end of the pedal signal chain (after Marshall's excellent delay). Again, my pedal seems to add volume to the overall sound, no matter what setting it's on - as some people have found via reviews across the web. I have no other complaints about the pedal. Having 2 choruses is great and both give a different sound. The phaser and flanger aren't too bad. Have used the Vibe option a couple times too.


Very dependable and very well built metal and solid. I'd use in a gig, though use very sparingly.

Ease of Use:

Very easy to get a sound out of this pedal. Again, as many people have mentioned, there is a problem seeing the settings on the pedal as they're only lightly indented with a lot of shiny metal, so it's hard to see the settings. Find your own fix using a red piece of tape or something! It seems to be something Marshall have done stylistically, perhaps not too sensibly!

Overall Rating:

For something this inexpensive, you get a lot of bang for your buck. It isn't the platinum standard of chorus, but it's more than good enough for most of us semi-pro or amateurs playing in churches or bars etc. Other than the shiny knobs and the volume boost, I'd recommend to someone wanting this kind of pedal. It was a close call between this and the Vibratrem or Supervibe. I probably chose well due to the varied nature of the effects. Just be aware the expression pedal input is exactly that and not any kind of tap tempo.

As with all of the Marshall pedals, the underside of the pedal has a rubber coating which doesn't easily sit well with attaching it via velcro to your pedal board.

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