Tuesday, 2 January 2018

'Best' worship songs from 2017? (Songs that worked!)

OK so I hate the word 'best' or 'greatest' because all God-focused worship is powerful and meaningful - and various songs work in various places. I also recognise that worship is about our response to God, our heart attitude and not simply about a song or words!

This title is more of a 'catchy' title to look at which songs really seemed to have an anointing on them in my experience leading and playing across various places in the South West of the UK in 2017.

There is no real rank to these, there is nothing to say this is 'right' but we all understand that some songs have a real anointing on them. They may work for a season or they may become 'classics'. If a song isn't on the list, add it in the comments and why you think it worked.

And let's continue to pursue God in music, in writing, in singing, in playing and give God our best in everything, doing all we do for God's glory.

- 10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman - still going and still loved

- Good, Good Father - Housefires - a cry from the depths of hearts as to who God is

- King of My Heart - John Mark and Sarah McMillan (but popularised at Bethel) - like 'Good Good Father' a testimony of God's heart and goodness

- Build My Life - Housefires - if any song lifted people's hearts and the roof it was this and...

- What A Beautiful Name - Hillsong - so powerful it's unbelievable. The bridge is probably one of the best and most passionately sung, heartfelt cry of God's power I've ever sung.

- Cornerstone - Hillsong - still going and still powerful. Faithful God even through hard times

- O Praise The Name (Anastasis) - Hillsong - often using just the hook

- The Lion and The Lamb - Leeland - a cry and declaration of God's power

- Guardian - Ben Cantelon - an older and not always used song. But a cry of God as defender

- Yes and Amen - Housefires - God is faithful and his promises are true

- Take Courage - Kristene DiMarco (Bethel) - such a powerful journey and testimony. Sung this in 3 places within a week and people were in tears each time.

- Reckless Love - Cory Asbury - crazily good song. God's extreme love for us

- Get Your Hopes Up - Josh Baldwin - lifting our faith, lifting our eyes, lifting our hearts

- Catch The Wind - Jonathan & Melissa Helser - personally this was a powerful uplifting song

- Great Are You Lord - All Sons and Daughters - been around a bit but a declaration of who God is and a powerful God focused bridge

- This Is Amazing Grace - almost been over-done as so few 'bangers' (anthems) in worship music but this still has a power and testimony to it

- Praises (Be Lifted Up) - Josh Baldwin - just praising God.

- The Weight Of Your Presence - Kelley Warren Augi and Robert Augi - these guys are just so humble and kind and full of God's life and so is this song with a nice break out of key too

- Worthy Of It All (Day and Night) - David Brymer/Ryan Hall (iHop at the time) - a song that hasn't gone that much mainstream traction since it was released a few years back but very powerful

- So Will I (100 Billion X) - Hillsong - absolute monster of a song. The heart behind this is to be like Christ and it's amazing. It will work in church but maybe not every church. I know some people have issue with the 'evolving' line but if it matters to you, just change it to say 'adapting' :)

Over to you... What songs worked??

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