Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Free Worship Pads / Synths

Created a few worship pads (staying on the root note mostly, but with harmonics and notes within the key). Been using these in worship when I'm playing on my own and don't want to use backing tracks.

Thought I'd put them online as others may benefit from them. Haven't done them in every key but please comment if you'd like another key and I'll do my best.

These are free for personal use in church / worship / events etc but are not for resale. The copyright remains with us. Thanks!

Update March 2017 - Pads added in keys of B flat and F

Worship Pad in Bb

Worship Pad in F

Worship Pad in C

Worship Pad in D

Worship Pad in E

Worship Pad in G

Worship Pad in A

Worship Pad in B

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