Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What Pedals Do I Need For Worship Lead Guitar, Part 3 - June 2014 Update

NB. Part 4 can be found here...

Not much has changed on the pedalboard but thought it may be worth a quick photo of the pedalboard actually updated and all wired in...

The pedalboard from bottom start to end of chain is...

1. Open Road Overdrive
2. Fulltone Full Drive 2
3. Smooth Blues Driver by Volt Co
4. Korg Tuner
5. Volume Pedal
6. Boss DD7 Digital Delay (with mini tap tempo pedal)
7. Hardwire DL8 Delay
8. Hardwire RV7 Reverb
9. TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb

I had to change the power supply and johnnyshredfreak no longer makes power supplies as yet another pointless EU law has meant his perfectly safe power supplies are no longer allowed. Grrr...

So it was replaced by an equivalent -  the Visual Sound 1 Spot. It's not the equally good Diago Powerstation which many use but similar and cost around the £25 mark. It's been very reliable so would recommend a Diago or similar if you have only a few pedals and don't feel it's worth spending for the Dunlop Brick or Voodoo Pedal Power etc.

All of the pedals are attached with the 'stronger than velcro', er, velcro... The downside is that on pedals with rubber undersides (the Hardwire ones for example), the velcro loses its effectiveness as it doesn't hold to the underside of the pedal. Therefore I bought some cable ties, drilled through the board part and strapped the pedals on around where the light is.

I also adjusted the volume pedal so that the volume goes from fully off to fully on (this isn't the case by default and just requires a quick and easy adjustment).

So that's the latest lowdown if it helps anyone or anyone's interested !!

Oh and other pedals I've thought of adding... Well I do find the hold and tap 'tap tempo' on the Hardwire Delay a little frustrating although the actual sound is great. A DL4 would be amazing for this. And maybe a compressor, but fundamentally I'm more than happy with the sound.

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