Monday, 11 June 2012

Spider XL Pedalboard / case pics

OK so this is the June 2012 post on my updated pedal board. I don't get any 'revenue' from these links below which aren't even hotlinked. They're provided purely to help my readers!

Case is a Spider XL flight case from -

Leads are from weardale electronics off ebay -

The pedals are stuck down with Bonding Solutions' better than velcro which I got off ebay from audio spares -

Then I got some little self adhesive cable bases with cable ties off ebay (cablewareuk) -

The pedalboard close-up (click on image for more detail). I could have designed the setup of the pedals differently than I eventually did, but basically have gone for a bottom right to left then top left to right setup. The Visual Sound pedal (bottom right) was brought in with room on the right for a jack lead to be plugged in when the board is in the case. The 'output' lead from the Hall Of Fame (top right) is on the left of that pedal, so I created a larger gap on its left to allow for a jack lead to go in there (still probably have to be a right angled jack).

I also sawed off the bottom right corner of the pedalboard inside the case, to make it easier to remove the pedalboard from the case (using bottom right and top left to lift it out).

The final thing I'll get is some foam from here - - which will be used to go on top of the pedals when transporting them, as the lid foam doesn't come down deep enough to squish the pedals in firmly enough! The velcro equivalent is very strong, but I still want that extra assurance, with probably some foam around 5cm in height.

So there we go! Forgive the pedalboard on my sister's old room with the pink carpet LOL!

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