Monday, 31 May 2010

Guitar Pedal Reviews - Behringer RV600 Reverb - my review from Harmony Central

Behringer RV600 Reverb pedal

Great features. As others have noted, basically a clone of Line 6 Verbzilla. Has a number of features: Hall, Chamber, Room, Plate, Echo, Cave, Space etc. You have control of the tone (lo to hi), the mix (dry - wet), decay (how quickly the sound decays) and time (of the reverb). A separate switch enables you to have trails on or off - having trails on means that when you turn the pedal off, the reverb 'trails' keep going until they fade. If trails are off, the reverb stops as the pedal is turned off. Most of the reverbs are excellent. It's great that you get an adjustable echo / delay sound included in the pedal. The cave setting is spacious and with the mix turned up etc, you can get some big epic sounds. The space sound is the one that people enjoy - getting those 'shimmer' type sounds and it really does work, so nice one to Behringer there. The spring and other reverbs are true to sound. I think Behringer have nailed it with this one!

Sound Quality:

This is where the pedal takes a serious nosedive unfortunately - but only in the fact that it sucks tone with the pedal off, common with many pedals. I don't know what other people's setup is like. But even using high quality cables from my Ibanez SZ320 directly through the RV600 to my Fender Blues Junior, there was a serious loss of tone. It took a very pure sound and removed the 'body' from the tone very evidently, including a drop in volume. Of course, with the pedal switched on, the tone suck was less evident and negligible. However, I couldn't keep a pedal that sucked so much life and body on my pedalboard, so it was sadly returned.


No issues. Have had a Behringer EQ on board for couple years with no issues. I think the Behringer pedals are far more sturdy than people give them credit for. They don't have the visible sturdiness of other pedals in metal cases, so you wouldn't want to use them for serious gigging or church playing / transporting.

Ease of Use:

Very easy to use, simply scroll through the presets. Found that the pedal didn't naturally 'click' onto one of the presets, so sometimes you weren't completely sure which setting you were on - but that could be my mistake.

Overall Rating:

Ultimately, this pedal's excellent features and ease of use are negated by its tone suck. I'm surprised more people haven't written about this in the reviews. Maybe I had a bad pedal, but I doubt it. There is noticeable sound loss / volume drop when the pedal is not engaged. Obviously not true bypass. I would not use this pedal without a true bypass looper. Other than that it's an excellent pedal with the space feature a great deal of fun and lots of 'bang for your buck' or in fact 'playability for your pound' in my case... For the home player or occasional user, this is a great pedal. For the more heavy user or regular playing musician, I would look elsewhere for a more true bypass pedal.

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